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"I've been visiting Dr Carol for years now... that is, when I need to go.  The great thing is she wants patients to visit when you feel the need instead of trying to push you into a routine schedule.  I recently had to visit and discovered it had been 2 years since my previous visit.

She places focus on the muscles in addition to spinal adjustments.  My visits are usually a combination of a massage targeted on particular muscle groups and a few adjustments.  She does have the bed contraption for popping my back in shape.

I definitely recommend Dr Carol.


-Ron B.

"I've been going to Bella Vista Back Center to see Dr. Carol for years. In fact, my whole family has, starting with my father. She's personal, professional, caring and a joy to be around."


-Brandon W.


"When I first came to see Dr. Carol. I was in a lot of lower back pain to the point where I couldn't stand or walk for more than 10 minutes without being in total pain. Now after several treatments, I have much less pain. I can stand for a long period of time and walk for a longer period of time. Thank you Dr. Carol! God uses your hands to heal and give a better quality of life to people."


-Claudia C

Carol and her daughter Laura truly care about helping others. Their hearts are in the right place, and God will reward them in many ways.


-Lynn S.

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